Instruction Manuals

Swamp Ratt Mud Motors, LLC

Otter Transom Mounting Instructions

Align transom on boat and center with rear compartment

Transom install 1

Mark holes and drill for 3/8” bolts

Transom install 2

Use the (2) medium length bolts provided and back up strap to bolt transom to rear compartment, leave bolts loose.

Transom install 3

Attach bottom plate with the longest (3) bolts, leave bolts loose.

Transom install 4

Pull bottom plate up to align holes and attach (2) short bolts, leave bolts loose

Transom install 5

After all bolts are in, tighten down to a snug fit. Your transom should now be tight and secure to mount your motor.

Transom install 6

Transom mount for the Outboard motor operating position

Thank you for purchasing your Swamp Ratt Otter transom mount. Mounting a motor that is bigger than the recommended size for your boat is not recommended and all risk is assumed by the operator of the watercraft. Happy Hunting.


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